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23rd Annual Samhain Magick Circle
October 31st 2014 e.v.
5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Gallows Hill Park
Salem, MA 01970



Samhaintide approaches, and the winds of change bring dreams and visions of our dear ones who have gone beyond the veil, and as we begin, once again, to experience the feelings and whisperings of this Sacred Season, many of us look forward to gathering in Salem for rites and sacraments that soothe our souls and encourage our hearts. Visitors from all over the world have gathered here with us in our Witches' Circle at Gallows Hill park many a year on Samhain Night to worship and invoke the Triple Goddess and the Great Horned God, to remember and honor our Ancestors, the Spirits of the Land and our beloved dead. The wise know that there is no death, just a journey home and life after another manner. "... Life, Death, Rebirth, the Wheel onward spins..."


 Join us if you will as we spiral through the Portal of Transformation, turn the Witches' Wheel of the Year, and celebrate the love and blessings that are ours now as we welcome in the Witches' New Year.


 For those unfamiliar with the route to Gallows Hill Park, there will be authorized guides in front of Nu Aeon at 4:00 p.m. ( at 88 Wharf Street Pickering Wharf ) to lead you at 4:30 p.m. in a procession to the ritual site. (conveniently located a mile and a half from the hustle and bustle of downtown.) The Samhain Ceremony will be followed at about 7:30 p.m. by our Witches Commemorative Candlelight Walk to the heart of Salem to affirm the Sacred Nature of The Holy Art of Magick and the Craft of the Wise. Our walk is a celebration of our freedoms, of the Beauty of The Craft and serves as a counterpoint to the injustices perpetrated against those victims who were persecuted and killed under the incorrect definition of Witchcraft during the horrors of the Witch Hunters Hysteria of 1692.



Please dress warmly and bring a candle encased in glass for this walk.Voluntary entrance donation at the ritual site is $5.00 (or more) to support our work. Please call White Light Pentacles/Nu Aeon customer service 1-800-Mastery (800-627-8379) or Nu Aeon store 1-978-744-0202 for further information or visit Facebook.


 Happy Samhain!
May the Gods Preserve the Craft!
Blessed Be With Love From Salem
Rev. Gypsy Ravish HPs. WQ


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For more information search Temple of Nine Wells-ATC on Facebook or call 1-978-745-8668 The Temple of Nine Wells-ATC P.O. Box 281 Salem, MA 01970

Presented By
The Temple of Nine Wells-ATC
A Salem Public Wiccan Congregation
Good will donations gratefully accepted
At Nu Aeon 88 Wharf St. Pickering Wharf
For more information call 978-745-8668

A Brief Discussion of Circle Etiquette

The Temple of Nine Wells-ATC P.O. Box 281 Salem, Massachusetts 01970


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